Wednesday, May 13, 2015

In The Beginning....

 DR. RUNOKO RASHIDI: The Original Man - The History Of The Ancient Black

As 2014 ended, I entered into my 28th year. There is something about watching the years go by, and approaching the big 3-0 that makes you start to reflect on the direction your life is heading. Almost like clock work, it seems that as the day dawned following my birthday, I couldn't help but think about my past decisions(good and bad) and where they have brought me. If I was heading in the direction that lead to where i wanted to be and if not could i do something to correct my coarse.  With almost half of my life span having passed, give or take 50 years or so God willing, how would my children and their children remember me? What would be my legacy? I made it appoint to evaluate myself in the most objective way possible. In The two months between that dawning day and the new year all was questioned. My habits and preferences. Food choices and exercise habits. Career aspirations and life goals.

Below is a link from the Genographic project done by national geographic further supporting the origins of man claims made by Dr. Rashidi

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  1. I love Dr Rashidi lectures because he does not stray far from the facts.He paints a chronological timeline and thoroughly explains the people and area. In this video he briefly describes the evolution of the original man and how they evolved into the original civilizations of the world who where much more advanced in culture then i ever knew. Its important to realize that our history as a Black people here in the US and around the world did not start at slavery. In fact we were the first to circle the globe. By the time that Europeans as we know them began colonizing and spreading their ideology around the globe, black people had already established peaceful civilizations that lived, traded, and co existed. This includes the Americas. Dr. Rashidi quoted Dr. Wade Nobles in the video stating "Power is the ability to define someones reality and make them live by that definition as if it were their own". We as black people have gotten to a point where we have let people who have never had our best interest at heart define our standards for success, beauty, happiness, and ultimately freedom. But i ask all of you how free are we really? How much of your time is really your own?
    We are born into a system and we just follow blindly assuming that its just the way things are. We are taught early not to rock the boat. We are given half truths and whole lies from the very beginning; laptops,tablets, tv, internet, cellphones, video games, and radio in ever public and private space keeping you constantly connected to a system that is focused on keeping you misinformed and distracted. can you blame us for not knowing who we are? two things are certain, its highly intentional and highly effective.